The Graham Norton Show… according to Benedict Cumberbatch

In wax and in person, we imagine how tonight's interview with the Sherlock and The Imitation Game star might go...

Tonight there’s three celebrity guests, a musical act and even a waxwork on The Graham Norton Show. 


Timothy Spall is joining the line-up to talk Mr. Turner, Miranda discusses the news of her show coming to an end and Benedict Cumberbatch will be delving into his time playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. 

But before we find out what they actually said, we imagine what might have happened when Cumberbatch’s waxwork was brought on set…

Benedict: Yes, it definitely looks like someone’s left a lipstick mark on it

Benedict: It’s got to be Miranda hasn’t it?

Timothy: Oh, sorry that was me.

Graham: It’s OK Benedict, we’ll get a professional to sort it out

Timothy: Look it was just backstage, doing nothing, I thought it would be funny

Ha, ha, ha… I’m smiling but call security


See what actually happens tonight on The Graham Norton Show, 10:35pm on BBC1