Benedict Cumberbatch has visited the set of Star Wars

“I probably shouldn’t be saying these things,” says the actor as ANOTHER Cumberbatch joins the star on The Graham Norton Show

Benedict Cumberbatch has dodged Star Wars Episode VII casting questions once again, telling chat show host Graham Norton “no comment” on tonight’s show.


But Graham doesn’t give up that easily and Cumberbatch does eventually admit that he “went to the set” adding, “It was incredible”. But that looks to be all he’ll say on the subject, with the actor adding: “I probably shouldn’t be saying these things”.

Cumberbatch joins the sofa tonight to discuss the upcoming release of The Imitation Game in which he plays mathematician Alan Turing, credited with cracking the German Enigma Code during World War 2.

On being able to remember how the code was broken, the actor admits, “Not an awful lot stuck. I’m not of that ilk. It was so complicated but I did spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.”

Plus, there’s another Benedict Cumberbatch on the show tonight as the actor appears with his brand new waxwork after Madame Tussauds revealed their latest installation earlier this week.

“Peculiar, but a big honour,” Cumberbatch says of the waxwork, adding: “It’s really weird”.

But it’s a very good likeness (we’ve seen for ourselves) with comedy star Miranda Hart joking, “I said hi to it backstage and my makeup artist said, ‘Why is he just staring?’”


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