Why Miranda ending is the worst news ever

I am, what I call, distraught. Miranda Hart's announcement is such the opposite of fun, says Ellie Walker-Arnott

Miranda Hart has announced that soon her hilariously, wonderfully funny sitcom will be no more and I am, what I call, distraught. The news is such the opposite of fun.


The third series of Miranda aired almost two years ago, and dedicated fans have been patiently bearing with ever since. Thankfully, Hart is still going to give us two Christmas specials, which will be filmed next month, but then that will be the end of Miranda, Stevie and Gary. FOREVER. I feel a little bereft.

Announcing the decision to call time on her super successful-sitcom on Radio 2 earlier today, Hart said the end was “going to be really emotional” but added that she “[didn’t] want her to keep falling over and making a fool of herself”.

While I understand her sentiment – it’s of course better to say goodbye when your sitcom still draws in over seven million viewers than when it’s tired and past its best – as we roll on into a dreary and dull winter, a world without Miranda seems like a depressing prospect.

The BBC1 sitcom is a classic example of Marmite TV. She makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, or just plain confused. But the simple, straight-forward, slapstick, silly comedy is exactly what I love about Miranda.

Hart’s comedy persona champions pudding eating, randomly galloping around, letting go of your inhibitions and being a bit silly. She eschews stereotypes of traditional femininity, instead making farting jokes, forgetting her underwear and falling down. Over and over again.

We need more Miranda, not less. Because we could all do with lightening up a little, not taking ourselves so seriously and actually, truly laughing out loud when we’re watching telly. (Saying ‘That’s so funny’ doesn’t count…)


Sure, Hart is set to star in the next series of Call the Midwife, Paul Feig’s upcoming comedy film Spy and potentially a new BBC1 entertainment format not dissimilar to The Generation Game – and I’m sure she’ll be brilliant. But our lives will be a little duller without her clumsy alter-ego.