Daniel Radcliffe admits he’s only just watched Star Wars… to Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams

Harry Potter star says he might have been Ford’s “worst nightmare” as he reveals Episode VII director JJ Abrams looked like he wanted to kill him


Daniel Radcliffe got himself in a bit of bother on a trip to see the latest Star Wars film being shot, by admitting he’d only just watched the original three movies.


“I’m a new Star Wars fan. In a way, I might have been Harrison Ford’s worst nightmare, because I’m like ‘Those movie are so cool, man,’ like I’ve just heard about them,” the Horns star told MTV.

You can just imagine the silence, can’t you? Someone mid-lightsaber swing stopping to stare at the actor.

Seemingly unfazed however, Radcliffe also spoke of his newfound Star Wars love to Episode VII director JJ Abrams.

“He looked at me like maybe he wanted to kill me for a second,” Radcliffe revealed, adding, “But they were very nice.”

The visit alone caused a stir, with Radcliffe’s appearance on set sparking rumours that he was going to be cast in the latest instalment, which is expected to be in cinemas on the 18th of December 2015.


Maybe the timing isn’t quite right. Radcliffe’s probably got a few more Star Wars films to watch, after all…