The Apprentice 2014: Why did Lindsay Booth basically choose to fire herself?

Hint: admitting you aren’t very good at selling isn’t going to go down well with Lord Sugar

Loveable 2013 Apprentice candidate Jason Leech shocked with his abdication from the role of PM on a task last year. As the man leading the metaphorical ship he said something about being worried about all the women and children and stepped aside to let Luisa Zissman take charge.


But that’s nothing compared to Swimming Academy owner Lindsay Booth’s white flag waving in the boardroom tonight. She may as well have pointed a finger at herself and walked out. Save Lord Sugar the effort.

So, how did it come to this? “The other candidates will underestimate how feisty I am, and how I will fight and prove that I can get to the end,” she promised in her interview video.

Let’s take a look back over the episode that saw Lindsay sink…  

It started out well. Having had very little part in Team Tenacity’s two previous wins over the boys, Apprentice candidate Lindsay knew she needed to up her game for the third task.

“I’ve got to step up this time, so wherever I am, I’ve got to step up,” she told anyone who would listen on the way to the Royal Exchange, where they learned they’d be candle making.

It didn’t last very long. This kind of says it all…

In fact, she sat back and let Sanjay figure out the “intelligent stuff”.

“I’m quite happy for you to do it all,” she sang, her previous need to be involved seemingly flying out of the window.

Then came the day of selling. You’d think Lindsay would jump at the chance to get her name on the books…


“I have tried. I’ve just obviously not got the knack,” she wailed.

“Get some energy, cheer up, come on,” James wrangled.

But to no avail; £12 to her name, Lindsay sat back and forgot all that fighting spirit in the boardroom.

“Yeah, I didn’t do very well at selling. I did try, yeah, I know. I know I didn’t do very well,” she said to Lord Sugar after he claimed she was drowning, merely “treading water” in a place “full of sharks”.

And then she basically fired herself…

“I know, I haven’t been the person I thought I was going to be when I came here. If anything I‘ve probably learnt I’m best sticking with what I know best and that’s swimming [teaching].

“I’m sorry to have to say I’ve not done very well. I’m disappointed with myself.”

Then the music started and we knew it was all over.


“Yep, I agree [I’m taking up someone’s space],” she told Lord Sugar and it was bye bye Lindsay, bye bye £250,000 investment.