Strictly Come Dancing’s Judy Murray: I try to ignore the judges

Radio Times's Strictly columnist can handle anything the panel throw at her...

Anton and I performed a tango last Saturday and he told me I had to be sexy and sensual and look at him as if I wanted to rip his kit off. In his dreams.


When Andy heard what dance we were doing he said I might have finally found a dance I’m good at because it involves stomping around and looking angry – cheers, kid!

I’m not sure that I’m ever going to find my dance. But I am feeling better on the dance floor week by week and I do think I’m improving. Sadly, the judges don’t agree. But that doesn’t bother me – I never expected to be a great dancer. For me, doing Strictly was always just about having fun and I’m not going to let anyone spoil that.

And I’m still amazed that I get to go on national television and put on a beautiful dress and dance with Anton Du Beke. The other week, that illegal lift we did during the quickstep was one of the highlights of my life.

Andy and Jamie watch my performance every week from afar and they reckon I’m getting better. Their opinion means more to me than Bruno’s and Craig’s. I would love Andy and Jamie to come to see me dance, but that isn’t going to be possible for another couple of weeks. Andy keeps telling me to “up my game” so that he can come to the studio. Now there’s an incentive! That really would be payback.

What is going down a storm is my mother’s shortbread, which I’ve been bringing in for everyone. I’m thinking that maybe I should spike the next batch – lace it with a few sleeping pills to slow down the opposition. Desperate times… 


Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 7.20pm on BBC1