Doctor Who goes green in new In the Forest of the Night pictures

This week Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are in a very leafy London...


We’d all like to see a bit more greenery in city centres, but this week’s Doctor Who takes the cake.


In the Forest of the Night, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce (who also wrote Danny Boyle’s 2012 Olympic opening ceremony), sees the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) try to save London from invasion. So far so average – but this time, the invaders are trees.

In the pictures below, we can see the Time Lord and companion confused by the fearsome foliage, with Clara’s beau Danny (Samuel Anderson) attempting to maintain order with a class of children in tow.

You’d think a day among the trees would be a nice day out – but soon the whole pack of them are running for their lives, presumably from the tiger glimpsed in the episode trailers (a stuffed one can be seen as a visual hint in one of the pictures).

We also see schoolgirl Maebh (played by Abigail Eames) giving the Doctor a good talking to, a quick trip through a museum, a sleepover in a cave and a vine-choked Tardis, presumably trapping our heroes in the woods.

Who knew forests were so formidable?

Doctor Who is on Saturday (October 25) at 8.20pm on BBC One