Sam Claflin on filming rom-com Love, Rosie: Everyone was just waiting for me to tell a joke

Playing Alex Stewart in romantic comedy Love, Rosie was a world away from starring as Hunger Games tribute Finnick Odair


British-born actor Sam Claflin has stepped out of his comfort zone for his latest film Love, Rosie. 


The 29-year-old star, who plays charming tribute Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games films, is leaving post-apocalyptic Panem behind and swapping it for romantic mishaps in the new rom-com. 

“Everyone was wanting, or waiting for me to tell a joke. Because I’m hilarious, by the way,” he told

“I’ve never worked on a romantic comedy before so I don’t know if it’s just the fact that it was in that genre that made the atmosphere on set very, very light-hearted and everyone wanting to have fun,” he added.

His Love, Rosie co-star Lily Collins, who’s appeared in The Mortal Instruments, Stuck in Love and Mirror Mirror, reckons the fun atmosphere on set was down to improvisation – and chemistry. 

“We got to improv a lot on this movie and kind of go with the flow and that was really fun because we all had just bonded so much that we would just end up talking as ourselves and it would make the movie,” said his co-star Lily Collins. 

Love, Rosie is in UK cinemas 22nd October 


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