13 things we learned from an exit interview with X Factor’s Chloe-Jasmine

Fresh from the second double elimination of the series Chloe-Jasmine dishes on lessons learned from Simon Cowell, Stevi Ritchie and Kermit the Frog…


Jazz singer Chloe-Jasmine was part of X Factor’s second double elimination last night, following what turned out to be quite a somber ‘80s week, with almost every track slowed down and cheating rows among the judges.


Fellow girls’ category singer Stephanie Nala was the first to leave, earning the least number of public votes, and after a sing-off with Louis Walsh’s eight-piece band Stereo Kicks, both Mel B and Simon Cowell’s decision to back the boys saw Chloe-Jasmine on her way home.

Quick as a flash it’s on to rounds of interviews for Chloe-Jasmine to tell her story of her time on the X Factor. Here’s what we learned…

She isn’t going to sit around thinking about what went wrong

“I don’t think you can look back and criticise and pick holes in these things. It is what it is. But ’80s week was interesting, it must be said. Something didn’t resonate with the public, it may have been the comments, song choices, even down to the eye make up. You can’t say these things.”

The acts felt it was a pretty tough night all round

“It was a very heavily critical evening. It’s a really tough competition, but it’s also the nicest batch of contestants the show has ever had.”

On whether there’s a game plan among the judges to simply save their own acts

“I think it’s reasonable to support and endorse what you do. If Louis turned around and said, ‘Do you know what? I hate all of them, eight of them, what am I meant to do with this?’ It would be a bit disconcerting. We’ve been lucky enough to have Cheryl’s support and she’s never said a bad word to us. There’s definitely something going on there, but thank goodness we’re not on the judging panel.

Chloe-Jasmine was pretty shocked by stories in the press

“My personal life and the imaginary ones they created for me were a big thing in the shows. I was in tears. It’s disgusting it felt like an attack. I’m really worried about who they’re going to target next. But as Simon expressed, even bad press is beneficial so even these orgies I’ve been attending and these £100k worth of expenses is just marvelous press. I’m just not going to read those publications anymore. It made me feel very sad.”

And of internet trolls, she says:

“I mean those online trolls can all live under their bridge of negativity somewhere in far Siberia. Why are they bothering. Don’t they have milkshakes to drink?”

With Blonde Electra, Chloe and Stephanie out, will the show lack diversity?

“Just check the viewing figures in a few weeks…”

On comparing the four judges

“I don’t think you can compare the judges to each other. It’s different every week. One minute Simon loves you, one minute Simon isn’t so sure about your song choice. I think it alternates.”

When it comes to lessons learned, Chloe-Jasmine will remember this from Simon Cowell…

“Simon has inspired me to buy a hamster and keep it in a kennel. It’s actually more spacious than a cage.”

The singer has some thoughts on Simon comparing Cheryl to Kermit the Frog…

“That was a Lanvin gown! That was exquisite and sumptuous. Actually, Kermit is a formidable public figure, very well respected and comical so you know, it’s a nice comparison. It’s not realistic. I don’t see it myself. Sorry everyone, burn your green clothes because you’ll be compared to amphibians… it’s just such a ridiculous remark, although it was trending worldwide on Twitter.”

Of all the acts, she’ll miss Stevi Ritchie the most. So are the romance rumours Jake Quickenden hinted at true?

“Jake Quickenden makes lots of comments and he also looks at his face in a spoon when he’s eating his Crunchy Nut. No, you’d know all about it if I was in a relationship with Stevi. He’d be like, ‘I’ve pulled a well fit bird’.

“No there isn’t anything going on, but he is such a wonderful human being. A joy to be around, really funny.”

Although, Chloe wouldn’t want to see his green mankini again, which Stevi donned around their shared house

“Oh my god, honestly I nearly vomited when I saw that. I had to hide in the cupboard. It’s not appropriate. We’re not in Ibiza at the beach.”

On X Factor tour plans…

“[Stephanie and I would] be commendable assets to the tour, as would Blonde Electra. I’d pay to see us.”

And on what’s happening in the long-run, Chloe-Jasmine says:

“Depends who calls. One day at a time, you can’t anticipate anything. You can hope for the best. I might even take up professional scuba diving next week, you just don’t know.”


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV