11 of the best TV laughing fits

As Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon struggle to get back on topic, we look at more stars of TV who just can't control the giggles


There’s plenty to worry about when working on TV. Is everyone where they should be? Is everything plugged in? Are millions of people watching at home? But there’s one thing that just can’t be controlled – a fit of giggles. 


As US chat show host Jimmy Fallon tries desperately to re-set his recent interview with Bradley Cooper, we take a look at this and more moments when the stars of TV just can’t keep the laughter in…

Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon

“We’ll cut this,” says US chat show host Fallon as the pair struggle to keep on the topic of Cooper’s Broadway musical

Good Morning Britain

Ah the old sofa squeak never fails to amuse…


Paul O’Grady 

For the love of French Polishing… 


Tom Cruise 

The Hollywood actor just can’t get his story out


Countdown with Richard Whiteley 

“It’s not even that funny,” the late great host laughs as a reader’s letter gives him the giggles


Weatherman whoops 

Even a ‘bodily function’ in the ad break causes mayhem


Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon

Who knew squeezing a word into a sentence could be so much fun?


Bradley Walsh

Talking of words…


Ellen DeGeneres 

Doing a ‘quick’ little skit before a show didn’t go so quickly…


This Morning

Holly Willoughby can’t quite say the name of a mushroom fast enough


Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor 

Of course, singing about messing your pants will usually get a laugh…