Wolverine is dead…for now

The clawed mutant, played by Hugh Jackman in the X-men films, has met his maker – or has he?

We knew it was coming but it’s finally happened – indestructible mutant Wolverine has met the reaper.


Over the past few weeks the Death of Wolverine comic series has seen the popular character lose his mutant healing abilities and face off against his oldest foes, eventually resulting in the ultimate defeat and permanent death of the character. It’s a sad and momentous day for superheroes everywhere.

Only joking! Nobody stays dead in comics. Hell, Spider-man’s died like five times. And despite Marvel’s early assurances that this death would be meaningful, in the bonus material for the first issue of the Death of Wolverine series, the character’s creator basically gave up the pretence.

“Let’s be honest – he’s not staying away,” said Len Wein, also a former editor-in-chief for Marvel.

“He’s the most lucrative character Marvel has these days. There’s no way a major corporation is going to decide, ‘You know, let’s knock off the guy who makes us the most money.’”

He’s almost certainly right – a permanent departure for Logan would be akin to killing off The Doctor in Doctor Who. And for most people Wolverine won’t be going anywhere anyway; the film version of the character (played by Hugh Jackman) is only inspired by the comics, and as such there are no plans for his death.


As for the comic book version? Well, he’ll be up and eviscerating again in no time, no doubt with an unsatisfactory explanation for his return. Our money’s on alien duplicate or clone…