Watch Derren Brown play a trick on Sherlock stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington

Exclusive: See the first footage of the Sherlock duo taking part in a card trick as part of Channel 4’s Stand up to Cancer fundraising marathon this Friday

Sherlock star Martin Freeman is no stranger to getting bamboozled in the guise of John Watson.


And he looks like he is about to get the same kind of treatment with his co-star and off-screen partner Amanda Abbington when the pair took part in a card trick with illusionist Derren Brown for Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer.

In this exclusive taster clip, Freeman is shown picking a card and being persuaded by Brown that he did it of his own free will.

“No that was totally free… of course, what do you think? That you just melded my mind?,” Freeman jokes back.

He is then asked to sit on the card before the trick begins in earnest….

Speaking to about the stunt earlier this month, Brown revealed that it was a trick he employed in his last stage show Infamous and said that the Sherlock duo – whom he has known for years – tried (we presume in vain) to work out how he pulled it off.

“Martin has quite a sceptical, very rational approach to those sorts of things,” Brown told us. “Immediately afterwards he was trying to work it out, really trying to pull it all apart. I could hear him discussing it in their little entourage. Amanda has a less cool minded approach, she was just enjoying it. It’s great because they’re very funny together, talking it through.”

As well as being a friend of the three main Sherlock stars including lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Brown made a memorable cameo in the opening episode of series three.


Stand Up to Cancer 2014 will be shown on Channel 4, Friday 17th October