The Apprentice sneak peek: Summit’s guide to pitching

Agree with all negative points raised and admit your fashion item probably isn't for wearing in public. It's Team Summit pitching to buyers...

Tonight The Apprentice candidates must come up with a new piece of wearable technology before pitching it to retailers. 


This is a world of headphones built into hoodies and flashing panels on items of clothing.

After having to ditch one idea, the boys’ team, Summit, land on the ‘on air’ jumper – a grey sweatshirt that can film those around you. 

Sure it looks a little Christmassy with the flashing lights, sure you wouldn’t wear it in public, sure it’s a bit gimmicky… wait, are they selling it or just there to agree it’s full of flaws?

Take a peek at this clip from tonight’s show…


The Apprentice continues Wednesdays, 9pm on BBC1