David Tennant Virgin Media advert banned – again

A second advert featuring the former Doctor Who star has been pulled following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority

A “misleading” Virgin Media TV advert featuring David Tennant has been banned following a complaint from Sky.


It’s the second time one of the ads starring the former Doctor Who actor has been pulled, after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld an objection.

The complaint this time concerns the fact that the ad appeared to suggest that Sky Sports is included in Virgin’s £30-a-month TV and broadband package.

Sky challenged that, and the ASA agreed that the ad was “misleading”, and has ordered that it should not appear in its current form again.

While Virgin argue that the advert referred to no Sky Sports package in particular, a report from the ASA said, “Towards the conclusion of the ad David Tennant stated, ‘Get it all for just £30 a month for the first six months.’ We considered consumers would understand that claim to mean that the elements shown in the ad, including Sky Sports, were included in the advertised offer. However, we understand that was not the case.

“We concluded that the ad misleadingly implied that Sky Sports was included in the advertised price.” 


This isn’t the first time Virgin Media has had to pull a TV promotion featuring David Tennant. In 2012 an advert featuring Tennant and the Doctor Who logo was removed following complaints from BBC Worldwide that the show’s brand was being used to endorse Virgin’s product.