Billie Piper: “At some point I have to put the lid on Rose Tyler”

Is the nation's favourite Doctor Who companion calling time on her most famous role?

“I love Rose, she’s just a good girl isn’t she,” says Billie Piper. And she’s right. There’s a reason her warm, witty, street-smart, adventurous Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler is regularly voted the best of all time.


It’s probably the same reason that has seen Billie make three comebacks as Rose – and a fourth, in last year’s 50th anniversary special, as an enigmatic character that looked liked her but wasn’t.

But now she could finally be ready to call time on the girl who helped bring a new generation to Doctor Who when it returned in 2005.

“I think at some point I have to put the lid on it,” Billie tells me. “I’ve been back, like, four times…”

But if we have indeed seen the last of her on Doctor Who, is she disappointed that her final appearance wasn’t as Rose Tyler herself?

“I think it was good to come back as something a bit different because otherwise it gets a bit repetitive and we all get bored,” she says.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how tightly she’s really putting that lid on the character that ignited her acting career.

She tells me she would love to have starred alongside new Doctor Peter Capaldi, who she says is “perfect” in the role.

And she admits of Doctor Who “It’s always great going back there…”

Billie Piper is currently filming series two of Penny Dreadful. Season One is out on Blu-ray and DVD now