The Apprentice: “Sarah Dales is rather lucky I wasn’t following her” says Karren Brady

“Those are antiquated views from a bygone age that thankfully isn’t around anymore,” says Karren of Sarah’s thoughts on the necessity of make up and short skirts in business

It’s a brave candidate who takes up the first Project Manager slot on The Apprentice, but Sarah Dales thought she had things sewn up for the ladies, thanks not so much to her business abilities but to make up and a short skirt…


“Most people will buy from females because females look more attractive,” the former PA and hypnotherapist told a bemused looking taxi full of ambitious businesswomen.

Did they need a strategy? Yes, that’s important… “But bring some nice make up”.

Not got a short skirt? Hike it up. That’s how Sarah saw the day panning out as they raced around London trying to shift everything from coffee to flowers via cleaning products and sausages.

“Is she serious?” asked a bemused Pamela.

There were groans and gasps from the press during a sneak peek of the first episode. Lord Sugar’s aide Karren Brady – a formidable woman in the world of business – didn’t exactly think it was the ideal approach.

“I think Sarah’s rather lucky I wasn’t following her… She may not have lasted very long,” Brady joked.

“I think it’s a very old fashioned attitude that you’ve got to wear short skirts and a lot of make up to get on in life. I think those are antiquated views from a bygone age that thankfully isn’t around anymore.”

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