The Apprentice: Lord Sugar should add a twist and fire candidates from the winning team

Former Apprentice candidate Adam Corbally thinks the boss should use the flexibility of more candidates to fire those at fault from both teams in the upcoming series


This year’s tenth anniversary series has seen four extra candidates added to the line-up which, given the series runs for the same 12-week period, gives Lord Sugar a reason to fire more than one candidate at a time.


Sugar himself has said, “We thought, frankly at the 11th hour, that perhaps for the 10th anniversary we’d give it a try.

“On certain occasions I may decide to dispose of more than one candidate at a time. Be prepared.”

The boss of the boardroom has been known to do this before, but former candidate and series 8 star Adam Corbally thinks there’s a different way the boss could use this flexibility – fire a candidate from the winning team, too.

If they deserve it of course.

“I would love to see Lord Sugar fire people even though they’re on the winning team – if they’ve made a massive error.

“It’s frustrating when you’re on the losing team and you really shouldn’t be,” Corbally adds.

If the winning team was at risk, people certainly wouldn’t be able to hide under the radar.

“As a contestant, you can fluke it to the final. As in my year, people did fluke it to the final just by being on the winning team, although they might not have had any input on that team,” Corbally explains.

“That’s the position I found myself in a few times,” although is quick to add with a chuckle, “Hands up, you know, a couple of times I deserved to be on the losing team and it was my fault, I’ll take that on the chin.”

It would certainly add an unexpected twist. There they’d be, ready to gather up their suitcase and trot off for some fancy treat only to hear a “But…”

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