The Apprentice: Do you think the ladies needed to change their team name?

Decadence wasn’t too popular in the boardroom with Lord Sugar and Nick Hewer… but did it really need to be swapped?

“Decay”, “decline”, “even moral turpitude” with loads of “self indulgence… “ were some of the ways The Apprentice aide Nick Hewer responded to the ladies’ choice of Decadence as a team name. All very Countdown-esque. 


“Hardly what you’d look for in your next business partner,” he told Lord Sugar in the boardroom of this opening episode of the new series.

Dictionary Corner was probably just out of earshot.

It was meant to be a play on ‘decade’ cried the team, as the show celebrates its tenth year.

Anyway, Lord Sugar wasn’t having any of this Decadence malarkey and the ladies were told to go away, have a think about it and make sure the new name had “some logical meaning”.

But do you think it really needed to be changed? Vote now

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