The Apprentice 2014: Do you think the right candidate was fired?

Lord Sugar's fired his first candidate - did he make the right call?

Lord Sugar has fired his first candidate in series 10 of The Apprentice. 


It was Chiles Cartwright who faced the pointing finger of firing doom after the men’s team failed to beat the ladies in an all out sell-off (we spoke to him about the firing here).

Chiles was sub-team manager for the first task. There were gourmet hot dogs, there were flowers, there were ‘Buy this t-shirt’ t-shirts that didn’t even make it to being sold (HOW DID THAT NOT WORK?) but at the end of it all Summit totalled up £696.70 to the ladies’ (waiting to be re-named) £753.50.

But was Chiles the right candidate to go? Vote yes if you think he should have been fired and no if you think Chiles should have made his way to another boardroom battle…

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The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9:00pm on BBC1