The Apprentice 2014: A celebration of Steven

If you're Steven's sub-team manager he will Follow. Your. Lead. He's VERY supportive. OK?

Episode one of series ten of The Apprentice, we’ve found him, the Marmite character. Enter 29 year old Steven Ugoalah…


He used to live in the arctic, working as a counsellor. That went well in the boardroom.

“What were you doing, counselling penguins?” Lord Sugar scoffed. 

But don’t you worry about Steven. He is sassy

He can damn well sell a potato too. He probably came up with the ‘this isn’t just any…’ M&S slogan.

“These potatoes, I mean look at them, they almost shine in the glistening sun. And in a way, when you have your customers enjoy these potatoes, it’s not going to be just a potato, it’s going to be an experience.”

He may have some strong opinions…

“I’m VERY concerned with the decision you’ve made. It’s. The. Wrong. Choice.”

But don’t ever question his loyalty. 

“As sub-team manager you’ve made a decision and I’m following your lead. I would not go against you. I am not throwing you under the bus – I’m being very supportive.”

Steven very much felt like he was being “scapegoated” when the team lost. Not happy…

And Lord Sugar probably thinks he needs to keep it down every now and again…

“May I respectfully say to you, ‘Shut up!’ You’re your own worst enemy…”

But he’s not going anywhere just yet. After all, we still need to see this happen…

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