Robert Downey Jr says superhero movies are “a little bit old”… and is now linked to another

It looks like we haven't seen the last of Iron Man just yet...

It was only on Sunday that Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr was describing superhero films as “a little bit old” – but it’s already looking like he’s back for more.


You can understand why Downey might be getting a bit tired of playing the hero. He’s been in four Marvel comics films as armoured genius Tony Stark/Iron Man, with another (Avengers: Age of Ultron) on the way next year.

“Honestly, the whole thing is just showing the beginning signs of fraying around the edges,” he told the Telegraph earlier this week. “It’s a little bit old. Last summer there were five or seven different ones out. I feel that they are critiqued by a different metric to any other movie.” 

Strong words – but today Variety brings the news that Downey is on the verge of signing on to yet another superhero film as a major part in ‘Captain America 3’, which will adapt an iconic 2006 comic series called Civil War and put Iron Man at political odds with Captain America (Chris Evans).

The news comes after over a year of cryptic remarks from Downey as to his future in Marvel films, and the potential shelving of Iron Man.

Just in the last six weeks he told Variety that there were no plans for an Iron Man 4, then told US chat show host Ellen Degeneres that he was “in the middle of negotiation” for a superhero film. Downey went on to reiterate to another TV chat show host (David Letterman) that “There’s no plans for an Iron Man 4.”

Confusing at the time, but this news might shed some light on his apparently contradictory statements. While Downey might play Iron Man in the Captain America film, it wouldn’t be Iron Man 4 – so he was in negotiations to play his character, but not in his own vehicle. There are still no plans for Iron Man 4, but there are plans for Iron Man. Simple.

Alternatively, Downey might just enjoy provoking fevered speculation on the internet. He knows us too well…


Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man will next appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron in summer 2015