Lord Sugar: “What you see in The Apprentice boardroom is legitimate”

“I work on facts that have been given to me,” says Lord Sugar of the boardroom debates with The Apprentice candidates

Lord Sugar is back doing boardroom battle as he hunts for his next business partner, and while you may be shouting at the screen as he sends your favourite candidate home, he’s simply working off the facts he’s been given.


“I have a very short briefing period to know what has gone on,” says Lord Sugar of working with his aides Karren Brady and Nick Hewer who “genuinely go out in the field and follow these people around” during each task.

“What you see in the boardroom is legitimate, working on facts that have been given to me.

“I don’t have the benefit of seeing the full film,” he added at the launch for The Apprentice series ten.

He does manage to see quite clearly through the ‘he said she said’ rows in the boardroom though, saying he “very rarely” has regrets.

“It gets to a stage in the process when we have to remove people to get down to the last few. That’s where it gets difficult. It’s really on a knife-edge, the difference between why that one should go, or that one should go. If it’s a blatant mistake or something really stupid, it’s easier. But when it starts to mature through to the end of the series, it is a little bit difficult.

“Maybe one day someone will prove to me I let someone slip through the net,” he adds with an expression that suggests that probably won’t happen.

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