Benedict Cumberbatch surprise addition to Graham Norton show line-up

Next Friday The Imitation Game star will be back on the sofa alongside Timothy Spall, Miranda Hart and Maroon 5


The Graham Norton Show has added a surprise extra guest to next week’s show and it’s none other than Mr Benedict Cumberbatch.


The original line-up saw Mr Turner star Timothy Spall alongside comedienne Miranda Hart with musical guests Maroon 5. But that last spot on the sofa seemed empty.

It’s certainly filled now with The Imitation Game star heading back to Graham’s couch for the first time since last October. He’ll be talking all about his turn as Alan Turing in the Oscar-tipped film and, if his previous visits to Norton’s show are anything to go by, doing some impressions and running up the stairs to hug his fans.

Here we caught up with Cumberbatch on the red carpet at the European Premiere of The Imitation Game. Watch out for his hilarious Star Trek fanboy freakout…


See The Graham Norton Show Friday 24 Oct at 10:35pm on BBC1