15 bonkers quotes from The Apprentice episode one

So many pearls of wisdom, so little time…

Missed tonight’s first episode of The Apprentice? Fear not, we’ve pulled together the best bonkers quotes in one place. Be prepared for a lot of confidence from this year’s batch of candidates all fighting for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment…


Daniel’s pretty confident…

“I am an alpha male. I can make women do what I want in the business world. Come to think of it, some men.”

So is Steven

“I’m not arrogant, because what I’m saying is all true.”

Robert knows exactly what he doesn’t want

“My absolute worst nightmare is getting to age 50 with a £40k salary and a four year old Toyota. It’s just not going to happen.”

Felipe might need to Google Lord Sugar a bit more…

Sugar: “You’ve had some terrible jobs here – one of them was advising Arsenal Football Club”

Felipe: “It’s a great football club.”

Sugar: “Really?!”

Although he knows his strategy

“Felipe’s strategy in the process is to be Felipe”

Scott might need to clear this up a bit…

“I see myself as a mix between Gandhi and the Wolf of Wall Street”

Sanjay on choosing Summit as a team name

“It sounds like we’re going ‘down town or summit’

Daniel can count

“There’s no ‘I’ in team: famous saying – but there’s five in individual brilliance.”

Roisin doesn’t want to be mean, but…

“I don’t mean to get the boot in… but the brainstorm was a disaster. Error after error.”

Daniel thinks he stands out

“You didn’t notice me? I’m wearing a hot dog!”

Steven knows where his loyalties lie

“As sub-team manager you’ve made a decision and I’m following your lead. I would not go against you. No problem! I am not throwing you under the bus. I’m being very supportive!”

Sarah knows her stuff about toilet brushes

“These toilet brushes are very, very sturdy.”

But are the gloves eco-friendly?

“Well, they are plastic, so I wouldn’t want to see them obviously near the penguins…”

If you want a potato selling – ask Steven

“These potatoes, I mean look at them, they almost shine in the glistening sun. And in a way, when you have your customers enjoy these potatoes, it’s not going to be just a potato, it’s going to be an experience.”

And if you want a conversation ending, ask Lord Sugar

“May I respectfully say to you, shut up!”

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