X Factor: 13 things to adore about Andrea Faustini

Pug jumpers, flawless performances and watching auditions wearing a face pack... Emma Daly is #TeamAndrea


One live show in, and Andrea Faustini is already being hailed as the hottest X Factor favourite in the show’s history.


I don’t think it can be called a one-horse race. Lauren Platt stunned with her twist on Pharrell’s Happy, Fleur owned the stage with all that hip wiggling and it felt like we were at a Jay James concert when he stepped up.

But there’s just something about Andrea. Show bosses clearly know this, putting him at the end of the two and a half hour run of live show one. And he was worth waiting for. He’s adorable, super talented and sure as hell knows how to rock a printed jumper.

For me, stopping at just 13 things to adore about the singer from Rome proved to be the difficult bit…

This is how he watched early X Factor episodes

His voice is so good he causes this face 


When it comes to Andrea, there really aren’t enough capital letters in the world

via @kjohngordon

In his first audition he wore this pug jumper

Then this shirt

This jumper just screams Christmas number one

I might have got a bit excited when this happened


Even those competing against him adore him


He loves a fry-up


This was his nervous face while he waited to find out if he’d made it through to the second week of live shows

But really, after this rendition of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, he had nothing to worry about

Just look at how much the backing singers are enjoying it


In fact, this is basically all I needed to say


The X Factor continues Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV