The Walking Dead season 5: Travel guide to the hit AMC zombie show

Visit the stunning Georgia settings where Andrew Lincoln's character Rick Grimes fends off zombies


Yes, the world has been taken over by zombies in hit series The Walking Dead (series five begins tonight at 9pm, on Fox) but there’s something about the deep southern countryside and sunny cowboy towns that actually make us want to join the characters in Georgia. Here’s how to travel to some of the most beautiful and memorable locations from the past four series…


Rick’s house, Atlanta

Back to the beginning; this is the where it all starts. Cop Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up in a hospital bed after being shot in the line of duty. Little does he know that the world has been taken over by zombies. On leaving the hospital, Rick sees a gruesome dead nurse, with her skin hanging off. He then encounters zombies while trying to get back to this house (above), his family home. This is no studio or building constructed for the series, fans of the show can actually get dressed up in cowboy cop garb and take photos outside the house. Zombie trick or treat anyone? Find it at: 817 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 

Rick finds other survivors in season one, and they set up camp at this beautiful geographical spot. But things get tense – not only does the group have a bunch of rabid, blood thirsty “walkers” after them, but Rick’s best friend Shane also attacks one of the other survivors. Visitors here can wander around 22-miles of scenic trails and swim in 1.9-billion-gallons of sparkling water. Find it at: W Marietta St Marietta Blvd

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The zombie apocalypse survivors hit the jackpot in the series, while searching for a safe haven. They find this self-contained farm and wrap-around porch house out in the open countryside. Rick asks the owner, Hershel, to help his son Carl, who’s been shot. It also becomes somewhere Rick’s pregnant wife Lori can rest without fear of being bitten. See this proper all-American building in the flesh out in rural Georgia. Find it at: Lone Oak Dr, Senoia

Cochran Mill Nature Center

Little Sophia (a child survivor) gets lost, which sends panic throughout the group. They form a search party, and as loyal redneck Daryl is looking for Sophia in a scenic wood he falls into a beautiful valley and onto a crossbow arrow. To make matters worse he’s descended on by groaning zombies. Normally, this spot is very peaceful when screams aren’t echoing around its walls. Just 20 minutes south of Atlanta in Palmetto, it’s possible to go hiking, camping and nature spotting here. Look out for the dozens of reptiles and birds of prey in the area. Find it at: 6300 Cochran Mill Rd, Palmetto

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Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Rick and the group, with more survivors in tow, find the Centre for Disease Control in a desperate attempt to obtain aid from the government. However, when they rock up, they realise that the building will self-destruct. It houses some of the world’s most dangerous diseases and is programmed to explode under extreme threat (like a zombie apocalypse) to prevent the public from further infection. Bizarrely, in real life it’s a performing arts centre where they host Broadway shows, ballet and opera. Find it at: 2800 Cobb Galleria Pkwy  

Senoia, Georgia

The eerie, fenced-off town of Woodbury, run by ‘the Governor’, really exists – but it’s not called Woodbury and you can walk right on in. In the third series of The Walking Dead, 73 people live here among a spooky abandoned McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Arena, where we see the governor pit innocent people against zombies for his own twisted Roman-style entertainment. Tensions heighten when Merle has to fight Daryl in the ring. Find it: Just 52 miles south of Atlanta.

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West Central Prison, Zebulon, Georgia

Rick’s group finds this gem (named the West Georgia Correctional Facility in the show) in the third series. The group clears out all the zombies and barricades themselves in. This setting also plays a huge role in the fourth series, when Rick’s adopted community help him grow crops and farm animals until the prison gets infected. It’s possible to drive right up to the outside and snap a few pictures, or imagine what it would be like to be zombie, trying to find a way in… Find it at: 1070 County Farm Rd  Zebulon


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