Netflix start charging for 4K

The streaming service hikes up its price for Ultra HD

If you want eye-popping detail, be prepared to pay an eye-popping price: Netflix have started charging for 4K resolution streaming.


Previously, subscribers to the on-demand service could watch titles like House of Cards in the higher-than-high def format as part of their standard £5.99/month plan. Now, new customers will have to plump for the more expensive £8.99 plan, which also allows them to watch on up to four screens at once. The good news is that if you are an early adopter who used the service before 12th August, you will continue to pay the old price indefinitely.


Why so generous? 4K is still in the early days, requiring high broadband speeds (25 megabits per second+) and expensive high end televisions. Moreover, Netflix offer comparatively few titles in Ultra HD, although these do include cult favourites like House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Blacklist.