X Factor wildcard Overload: We were tricked into taking the call from Mel B

Ollie, Joey, Andy, Jordi and Ryan thought they were doing some filming after leaving the show at Boot Camp... but were suddenly back in as Louis Walsh's wildcard

Overload – this year’s wildcard in the Groups category – have revealed they were tricked into taking the call from Mel B, who chose them to return to the competition.


“We were actually in Manchester at Andy’s house and they said we were just there to do some filming. They gave us a tablet and [told us] we were doing a Skype call, supposedly with a fan. Then all of a sudden when we answered the call Mel B popped up and she told us she was choosing us for Louis’ Groups,” Jordi reveals.

“We were going crazy!”

Overload make for a surprising wildcard this year, having not made it to Judges’ Houses. But the brand new twist has meant Mel was asked to choose Louis’ wildcard and could pick from anyone that had had a chair at some point during Boot Camp’s Six Chair Challenge.

The Overload lads certainly didn’t give that chair up easily, calling for a sing-off when it looked like they were being sent home.

“When we were on the chair I did say to the boys, ‘If they take us off a chair, I’m going to grab the microphone’. I don’t think the boys believed me,” laughs Jordi.

“We got really scared, like, why’s he got a mic, what’s he going to do?” admits Ryan.

While it didn’t earn them that trip to Bermuda (“I was ready to shave my legs, get them out for the Bermuda sun!” Andy laughs) it certainly got people’s attention, with girls in the crowd crying as they left.

“You don’t really take in what the crowd are saying,” says Andy, who admits, “it was probably actually harder to watch back than to actually do. We all sat watching it together reliving it again. It was horrible to see the despair on our faces.”

The boys aren’t keen to speculate on which other acts are their main competition, with their fellow boy band in Louis’ group a natural comparison.

“It’s unfair to single out any act in the competition. We are among the best sixteen acts that the judges think deserve to be here. We’re going to concentrate on what we’re doing.

“At the end of the day we have to knock fifteen people out to win it. So we’re not going to concentrate on just one,” Andy adds.


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