Foxes sings Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now in Doctor Who episode Mummy on the Orient Express

Enjoyed Louisa Rose Allen’s sultry rendition of the Queen classic? Watch the full amazing music video

Who was the young woman performing that sultry version of Don’t Stop Me Now on Doctor Who on Saturday night?


It was Foxes, real name Louisa Rose Allen, the Grammy-award winning singer better known for the “experimental pop” of recent singles like Let Go For Tonight and Holding Onto Heaven. But In Mummy on the Orient Express she made the Queen classic her own with a ’20s jazz take onboard a train hurtling through space.

“I really love the song and I loved the idea of a stripping it back and doing a jazz version,” says Foxes. “I don’t think anyone’s done that before.”

Her appearance on the show was the result of a chance meeting with the Doctor Who production team who were watching her at a gig.

“I was telling them how much I loved Doctor Who and next thing they invited me to be on it. I couldn’t think of a better place to make my acting debut than on one of the UK’s most iconic shows!”


Update: The BBC have just released this absolutely incredible, very blue music video featuring the full song. If the corporation can cover the Beach Boys, surely this can get released as a single? We want it on our iPods. Now.