Doctor Who Foxes music video features clips from upcoming episodes

Performance offers glimpes of Flatline, In the Forest of the Night and the Cyberman-filled series finale

The sultry rendition of a Queen song in Mummy on the Orient Express might be the best thing to come out of series eight thus far. (No small feat from a show that also gave us #CapaldiHands.) Not only have the BBC released a full music video for Foxes’s Don’t Stop Me Now, it includes tantalising glimpses of upcoming episodes including the finale.


Did you spot them all? No? Well, here are some of the best moments, isolated from that distracting and hypnotic music. 

[Note: We’ve made educated guesses to match images and episodes.]

Episode 9 – Flatline

The Doctor pokes his head out of a shrinking Tardis

With the Doctor trapped, Clara is forced to fend for herself. Run Clara run!

Episode 10 – In the Forest of the Night

London has been reclaimed by the trees

And there’s a tiger! Well, the episode does take its name from a certain Blake poem

People are fighting back against the Green Belt….

…with flamethrowers…

…but at least the Doctor makes a new young friend

Episode 11 – Dark Water / Episode 12 – Death in Heaven

Another day, another London landmark. The Cybermen are having a great time at St Paul’s Cathedral. Look at their happy wee faces

Bonus: The original Cyberman sight-seeing tour, from The Invasion (1968)

The world is bathed in cosmic radiation. Could the Earth itself be the mysterious Nethersphere?

Clara seems a bit concerned by the planet catching fire. The Doctor…less so


Are there any clips we missed? What’s your most anticipated upcoming episode? And how long until the Doctor himself bursts into song? Comment below!