X Factor boy band: We’ve had some really strange name suggestions

"Some people really don't like us!" Louis Walsh's eight-piece band laugh as thousands of name suggestions pour in ahead of Saturday night's reveal


Louis Walsh’s eight-piece boy band have been calling for ideas from fans as to what their name should be and among the 46,000 or so suggestions, some pretty strange ones have popped up. 


“There was one like, ‘I’m on the 7th floor of the Gherkin tower – send help!’ reveals Jake. “There was a lot of them that were actually kind of a bit rude, not to us, but just in general. There was Barclay and the seven dwarves!”

“I really liked that one, I was like, ‘short list that one now!'” Barclay interjects.

The band admit they can’t even repeat some of the names, with James laughing “Some people really don’t like us!”

But the boys are certainly looking to finding out what the name is on Saturday, saying it’s all still up in the air at the moment. Simon Cowell and Louis helped them whittle it down to a shortlist and Barclay laughs, “[The] 46,000 suggestions were better than our eight!”

There won’t be any rows either the band insists: 

“We need to agree and take it seriously, we’re prepared to listen and take each other seriously,” says Jake.

When speaking to the band they were yet to rehearse on the stage, saying they’d been trying to find “the biggest room possible” in their shared house to practise. Don’t expect any dancing this Saturday night either. “There’s eight of us on stage!” 

And while they’re newer than some of the other bands, they’re ready for the competition.

“The adrenalin will take over us on stage.”


See The X Factor Saturday night at 7:30pm on ITV