Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

13-17 October: Amber and Daniel decide to move in together, but their choice of home is an unusual one


Monday 13 October


Paul is eager to keep Dakota, his new love interest, happy, so finds her a prime spot for her new bar. When she suggests that Daniel work for her, Brennan becomes suspicious. When he then discovers that she used to work for a bank involved in money laundering, he decides to dig further. Naomi quits her job at the law firm after admitting to both herself and Sheila that she still loves Toadie. Sheila offers her a solution in the form of an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Imogen’s feelings for Daniel grow. 

Tuesday 14 October

After some further investigation into Dakota, police colleagues try to talk Brennan into going undercover in order to get to the bottom of her dodgy dealings. Matt and Lauren form a united front in the hope of dissuading Amber from her wedding plans, but Amber accuses them both of hypocrisy. Paul puts paid to the idea of Amber living in the penthouse, so the couple decide to move into Daniel’s car. Lou blackmails Karl into creating more of his popular erotic fiction. 

Wednesday 15 October

Chris finally learns that it was Josh who attacked him and is left hurt and confused. Nate persuades Josh to take a ride with him – but what does he have in mind? Georgia and Kyle consider postponing the wedding to allow Chris to be there. Brennan decides to accept the assignment to act as a honeytrap to catch Dakota. Toadie and Sonya have a difference of opinion regarding parenting choices. 

Thursday 16 October

Nate is tempted to punish Josh as he drives him to a remote location, but checks himself just in time. There is a surprise visit from Karl and Susan’s son, Mal, who tells them that he and his wife are expecting a baby. The Kennedys begin to think about whether they should relocate to London. A Turner family brunch results in a possible love interest for Lou. 

Friday 17 October


Karl and Susan come to a decision about where they should live. Kyle feels uneasy when he discovers that one of his good friends is unable to come to the wedding, and then becomes convinced that he has unleashed a curse when he sees Georgia in her dress. Georgia tries to allay his fears, but a final disaster strikes on the big day as Georgia finds herself far from home.