Hugh Grant: Making films can be “sort of unbearable”

The Love Actually star says he can find the long process of shooting a movie "nerve-wracking" and "boring"

Hugh Grant might be known as the king of rom-coms but he’s not always a fan of actually making the films themselves.


When asked what he’d most enjoyed about his new movie, The Rewrite, he told “The process of making a film is quite nerve-wracking and exhausting. That’s not the bit I love, I like having made the film.

It’s been a while since Grant has been on the big screen – the last film he appeared in was Cloud Atlas, which came out in February 2013.

When he asked if he’s forgotten what film-making was like, he responded: I always forget. And as soon as you’re there you think, “What am I doing? It’s so long and boring.  

It’s sort of unbearable.”


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