Hugh Grant: “I’d like to do a full film with Graham Norton as my leading lady”

The Love Actually star says he "felt the spark" with the TV presenter when re-enacting a romantic scene on The Graham Norton Show last Friday


Hugh Grant’s new film, The Rewrite, has only just been released but he’s already got his sights set on a new rom-com.


With Graham Norton as his love interest.

The Love Actually star told that he enjoyed re-enacting the famous final scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral (much criticised for its cheesiness) last week on The Graham Norton show. In the original film, Grant declares his love for Andie MacDowell’s character and she responds, “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.”

On Friday, Graham Norton took on MacDowell’s role and stood opposite Grant repeating her lines as he got drenched in water. 

The Notting Hill actor said of the sketch: “It was their [The Graham Norton team’s] idea. I was sceptical but I was wrong. I think it worked well.”

Asked if he felt the romantic spark, Grant joked, “I did. I’d like to do a full film with Graham Norton as my leading lady.”


He added that he hadn’t seen much of fellow guest Emma Thompson backstage but that she’s “always a laugh. She’s a good egg.”