Benedict Cumberbatch has Star Trek fanboy freak-out on Imitation Game red carpet

In the midst of some wise words about Alan Turing, the star suddenly spotted his former colleagues from the sci-fi blockbuster - the result was beautiful...

There was a wonderful moment on the Imitation Game red carpet last night when Benedict Cumberbatch interrupted his interview with to yell excitedly, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GAAAAWD. That’s so exciting, that’s so exciting!” at a group walking down the carpet behind him. 


“That’s the lot from Star Trek, there…oh my God I’m so excited. Is JJ here…?!”

Clearly, working with director JJ Abrams and the rest of the crew on Star Trek: Into Darkness was a good experience, for Cumberbatch…

Before his outburst of joy, the star explained why his new film The Imitation Game, about the pioneering mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing, was so important. 
“If any young person’s ever felt like they aren’t quite sure who they are, or aren’t allowed to express themselves the way they’d like to express themselves, if they’ve ever felt bullied by what they feel is the normal majority or any kind of thing that makes them feel an outsider, then this is definitely a film for them because it’s about a hero for them.

“Turing helped, along with many other men and women, to give us a democracy.”


A serious message and a fanboy freak-out – this interview has everything…