Judy Murray: I love dressing up for Strictly Come Dancing

"I’m a trainers, tracksuit and hoody girl - I never do high heels, long dresses or make-up"


Every time I step onto the Strictly dance floor I can’t stop smiling. I love Anton and the dancing but I also love the fact that I feel like a million dollars out there, with the big hair, fake eyelashes and the unbelievable dresses.


I’m a trainers, tracksuit and hoody girl – I never do high heels, long dresses or make-up. The Wimbledon Ball is probably the only time I have ever worn a long dress before in my life!

After the Wimbledon final, the locker rooms are transformed into an Aladdin’s cave of dinner suits and sparkly dresses and shoes and make-up people… After Andy won last year I was told to go down and choose a dress for the ball but it was all so overwhelming that I just picked the first dress I saw and tried it on over my jeans before going back upstairs to celebrate with my family.  

Now I am getting to step into an Aladdin’s cave every week! It is a long time since I did something just for myself – I spent so many years on the road as the Scottish national coach and before that with the boys, that my social life just went out the window. I didn’t have the time or the money to do anything for myself. In junior tournaments there’s no prize money so we were spending everything we made on the boys’ tennis. There was nothing left to spoil myself or pamper myself – or the time!

In the last couple of years though I have had more time and more money and I have started to take an interest and take much better care of my appearance.

Getting my teeth done was a big thing for me because I am really terrified of the dentist and I desperately needed a lot of work. It was fifteen months of dental treatment but I am no longer self-conscious about my smile – which is good because I just can’t wipe the grin off my face.


Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC1 on Saturday at 6:30pm