It’s “terribly sad” that Agatha Christie never got to see David Suchet as Poirot says her grandson

Mathew Prichard, grandson of the beloved crime novelist, says he regrets that Christie did not live to see Suchet's performance as her Belgian detective


Mathew Prichard, curator of the Agatha Christie Estate and only grandson of the murder mystery novelist, says it is a great shame that Christie did not live to see her most famous creation played by David Suchet.


“I think it is terribly sad as I go about my daily work that my grandmother never saw David Suchet as Poirot,” Prichard said at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. “He has made a huge contribution to the enjoyment of Agatha Christie.”

Prichard also revealed that he thought the new Poirot novel The Monogram Murders, written by author Sophie Hannah with the Estate’s permission, would be “a great film” if they decided to adapt it for the screen.

“David Suchet is not on standby for the adaptation, although if there was an adaptation who knows how it would go?” he hinted. “No decision has been made either way about whether there would be an adaptation. I happen to think it would be a great film.”

Hannah, who took on the challenge of writing a Poirot ‘continuation story’, said that when she thinks about the Belgian detective, she sees David Suchet.

“In my mind’s eye, Poirot looks like David Suchet, and when I hear his voice he sounds like David Suchet,” she said.

“I re-read all the Poirot novels before starting to write The Monogram Murders, and I was really struck by the way in which David Suchet had made sure his Poirot was Agatha’s Poirot. There’s no disconnect between Suchet’s Poirot and Agatha’s Poirot.”


Nevertheless, Hannah is likely to be disappointed if she’s hoping to one day see Suchet uttering her own dialogue – the self-confessed “Agatha Christie purist” has said he would never star in a Poirot tale that wasn’t penned by the detective’s original creator.