A baker’s dozen of GBBO series 5 best bits

Norman’s thoughts on pesto, Mel & Sue’s antics and Paul Hollywood's layer counting make our top picks from this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off


Tonight The Great British Bake Off crowns its series five winner, with Richard, Nancy and Luis all hoping to have risen to the occasion (come on, it’s the last time I can really do that this year).


It’s been a very professional feeling series, with judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood finding it tough to separate the bakers right from the early stages. One week they even had some sort of tiff and didn’t send anyone home at all.

Of course, there’s still been some mishaps alongside all of that blooming good baking.

So, as the tent comes down for another year, here’s our pick of GBBO’s series five best bits…


I feel as though I can just write Norman’s name and it counts as a best bit. He was a much-loved contestant from the word go with his no-fuss, ‘like it or lump it’ attitude. But the day he used pesto is a stand-out moment.

Jordan’s confidence

If anything went wrong for Jordan, did he panic? No. He just ate the burnt bits. “Bake better” were his plans to improve, he told a chuckling co-host Sue Perkins.

Sue’s pastry face

You can always rely on Sue.

Martha’s mishap

It’s safe to say, when things are raw on Bake Off, you’ve done something wrong. This is usually when Paul steps in and does his “Don’t eat that, Mary” bit. Gentlemanly like. Martha’s puddle of a cake earned these expressions.

Paul counting layers

COUNTING LAYERS. It was a new level of precision, but hey, don’t give him 18 when you’ve been asked for 20, eh?

Nancy using a microwave

It was like someone had used the four hour baking time to carefully open a supermarket value cake and serve it up as a showstopper. Nancy thought using a microwave to prove her dough was a good idea. It wasn’t. But you know, needs must sometimes.

Boozy doughnuts

It’s a long-running joke on Bake Off that Mary likes anything with a splash of booze in it. Luis really went to town with his drinkable doughnuts. Mary probably ear-marked him for the final that day.


Thrown your melted Baked Alaska away? Serve it up in a bin.

Shop-bought fondant 

Just an idea… don’t tell Mary you’ve used shop-bought fondant in your biscuit tower Enwezor.

This moment…

All the rude things we can imagine Sue saying here…

Pulling, tugging, all that rising… there’s been many a Bake Off innuendo this series.

… and finally, just Norman being Norman

Go on, let’s have one more…


See The Great British Bake Off final tonight from 8:00pm on BBC1