21 things we learned from Benedict Cumberbatch’s Twitter Q&A

Injuries on set, career choices, being terrible at maths at school... here's what Cumberbatch had to say when fans put their questions to him ahead of the release of The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch and the cast of The Imitation Game are doing a whopping day of press today with interviews, press conferences and the European Premiere here in London tonight (watch a live stream here from 5:30pm).


Cumberbatch plays mathematician Alan Turing – a man tasked with cracking the German Enigma code – but still found time to squeeze in a Twitter Q&A with fans, too. 

Here his is:

And here’s what we learned… 

He likes playing both real life and fictional characters

He’s sad to have finished playing the part of Alan Turing

When asked what he misses while he’s away filming he says:

Ever wondered what Cumberbatch’s favourite subjects were at school? Wonder no more

If he could pick a time to go back to it would be…

His head and his heart come into play when choosing his next role

Cumberbatch went through many emotions when reading The Imitation Game script

He’s been injured a few times on set

The actor says The Imitation Game shows just how close we were to losing the war

Cumberbatch was actually terrible at maths at school…

What does Cumberbatch like about Alan? Well, depends which one you mean…

If Cumberbatch had to choose a favourite line from the film it would be:

He speaks a little French don’t you know?

If he’d not been an actor, Cumberbatch wanted to be a barrister

Cumberbatch had a great time with his co-stars

And was absolutely thrilled to be cast as Alan Turing…

He doesn’t have a step-by-step process for learning lines

Getting Turing’s accent just right wasn’t easy

If Cumberbatch could choose to spend one hour with anyone it would be his grandfathers, both of whom he’s never met

Cumberbatch doesn’t really do favourites

And in case you’re wondering, he won’t be joining Twitter anytime soon…


The Imitation Game is in cinemas from 14 November 2014