X Factor 2014: Help name Louis Walsh’s new boy band

There are eight members in this unnamed X Factor supergroup. As they make their way to this weekend's live shows, they want your name suggestions


Like One Direction and Little Mix before them, this year’s boy band created from soloist X Factor rejects looks set to take the Saturday night live shows by storm. The only problem is, they don’t have a name. “We have been trying to find one but most of the suggestions have been diabolical,” explains Jake. “Like Walking On Pavements — what’s that about!” “That was my suggestion, what’s wrong with that?!” cries Irish boy Chris, who’s more used to working in a Dublin pub than performing at Wembley.


Charlie, the youngest, does the introductions. “There’s Uncle Tom, he’s the serious one. James is the band clown. Casey is the poser, always at the front. Barclay is dopey. I’m the baby. Reece is lairy. Jake is the cute one. And Chris is the Irish one nobody really understands.”

Together the boys are still known as “X Factor Boy Bad (Name TBC)”, so Radio Times thought it would lend a helping hand and provide the boys with some inspiration. If you have a suggestion for the band’s name email us and let us know!

Send your suggestions to feedback@radiotimes.com and put X Factor Boy Band in the subject line.

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See the first X Factor live show from 7:30pm this Saturday on ITV