TOWIE’s Lydia, Ferne, Georgia and Billie: Ibiza brought out our promiscuous sides

The Only Way Is Essex girls talk new cast members, the showdown between Lauren and Lewis, and why they'd like a cameo from Kim Kardashian

They’ve done Marbella (Marbs) and Vegas but now it’s time for The Only Way Is Essex to get even more party-heavy as they head to Ibiza for a two part special to kick off the new series starting this week. Lydia Bright, Georgia Kousoulou, Ferne McCann and Billie Faiers spoke to (through several fits of uncontrollable giggles) about the drama, romance and awkwardness to come.


Who are the new cast members?

Georgia: We’ve got George – her name is Georgia but we obviously don’t want the same name – and she’s blonde, pretty and funny. Then we’ve got Tommy and we just get on really, really well. We’ve got flirty banter… what’s it called… ‘flanter’. We’re kind of seeing each other but it’s really early stages so I don’t want to put a label on it. And he’s still got to behave.

Who lived with who in Ibiza?

Georgia: I was opposite Arg, next to Tommy and Lydia, and we all stayed in each other’s rooms. Arg would knock at my door at 5am and we’d just hang out and then fall sleep.

Lydia: We all just slept with each other loads… oh wait, not like that! On the first night nobody wanted to go out except me and lewis so we did that and then stayed with each other. It was all one massive hang-out. 

What’s the most scandalous thing that happens this series? 

Lydia: The Lauren/Lewis break-up was the most scandalous. He basically did something that really was out of order. But I’m close friends with him and we all do silly things so I can’t be angry at him forever. 

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Which cast member would you least want to sit next to on a plane? 

Ferne: Let’s be honest about this one, girls.
Lydia:  Arg because he was sick on the flight to Ibiza. Plus I’d end up arguing with him.
Ferne: Erm, no one.
lydia: Oh come off of it, you just said be honest! It’s very obvious. Chloe and Elliot? 
Ferne: Yeah, maybe them.

Ferne, will your relationship with Chloe and Elliot be better in this series?

F: I hope so because it was such a main story line… well, not story line because it’s reality. Anything could happen this time! (Starts laughing)
Lydia: (Giggling) Sorry, we’re getting silly now. She just wants peace and love. You want to be a Sylvanian family don’t you, Ferne?

Lydia, what can Arg do to get you back this series?

Ferne: (Singing) What can I doooo to make you love me?
Lydia: (In hysterics) Ferne, stop! Arg and I have been getting on really well, although he did throw up on the plane to Ibiza.

Who would be your dream celebrity cameo?

Ferne: Katy Perry!
Lydia: Sarah Jessica Parker!
Ferne: Someone hot from Essex, like…
Lydia: Russell Brand! 
Ferne: Been there done that, darling. Maybe David Beckham? He could just walk into Charlie’s deli and go ‘you alright mate, can I have the pulled pork?’ Or Kim Kardashian. She could say, ‘sorry, can I use your toilet?’ 

Do you watch TOWIE together?

Georgia: When it’s on, I sit with my family and hide under the cover
Lydia: I hate watching myself.
Georgia: I always think, ‘oh my God why did I do that?’ But that’s life.
Lydia: Yeah, unfortunately that’s just you and your life isn’t it, Georgia?

(They all laugh)

Where would your next dream series be? 

Lydia: (In an American accent) Los Angeleeees.
The PR: Or Barbados? The only way is Barbs!
Ferne: That’s such a good idea! I think Texas or something. 
Lydia: OMG we could wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots! 
(They all start doing Texan accents)
Lydia: Let’s just do a tour of the world! The only way is India? 

What’s the most awkward TOWIE moment you’ve ever had?

Billie: Once I got stitched up by Carol Wright. I didn’t think the cameras were rolling so I walked out the toilet and Carol was about to go in and I said ‘give it ten minutes, Carol’. I was making a joke and they kept it in as if I’d just had a poo. I got so many tweets about it but mostly nice ones.
Ferne: It’s always awkward seeing people you don’t want to. Like, once I bumped into Jasmine when we’d just got back from Vegas and she’s just snogged Charlie.

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Apart from the sun, how was being in Ibiza different for the group?

Georgia: Going away is a great way to kick off a series because you’re seeing each other every day so stuff happens. 
Ferne: Holiday romances happen. You know how some people act more promiscuous when they go on holiday? A little bit out of the ordinary.

Who will surprise us this series?

Ferne: You’ll see a different side to Lewis Bloor that you haven’t seen. More of a player side. You’ll see more to Georgia too.

Are you happy to be back in England?

Lydia: Only because after ten days in Ibiza, God I was dishevelled. I had to get back and get beauty sleep, my nails sorted, hair done.
Georgia: I’m glad to be back for the beauty stuff but I do miss the crew. It felt like a massive holiday, we had such a laugh – can I just say something Lydia? Is this ‘dishevel’ word really gonna happen? You said it in a scene the other day and you didn’t know what it was.
Lydia: I do. Dishevelled means messy.
Georgia: Yeah, like after a night out you feel really dishevelled.

Who is getting inappropriately naked this series?

Ferne: Bobby. Last season he had the schlong thong and this season in Ibiza he wears a sock. Or Bobby’s ball bag.
Lydia; Nobody else wears it though. Thank God it stopped at Bobby.

The Only Way Is Essex will air on ITV’s new channel ITVBe this Wednesday 8th October.

Have a look at the tan-heavy trailer here 


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