Heston Blumenthal’s new show is out of this world

Celebrity chef is filming a two-part series for Channel 4 detailing his attempts to formulate the perfect food for a British astronaut to take to the International Space Station


You could never accuse Heston Blumenthal of having limited ambitions. But the man behind Heston’s Feasts and Heston’s Fantastical Food may have outdone himself with his latest out of this world project.


The purveyor of such delicacies as snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream (who is rarely seen without a blowtorch and copy of the periodic table at his side) is sending his latest culinary creations into space.

He is currently devising dishes for British astronaut Tim Peake to take into the final frontier when he goes to the International Space Station next year. And his work is being filmed by Channel 4, which is planning a two-part series about his endeavours.  

“We need to get the food done by the end of the year because it needs to sit for six months,” Heston, who is appearing at the Cheltenham Book Festival this week, tells RadioTimes.com.

“So we are working now, analysing Tim’s thresholds, his sweet thresholds, his bitter thresholds, his likes and dislikes. Considering space travel has moved on so much, the food hasn’t moved so much – everything is in cans or freeze dried and whatever goes up there has to be good for the six month period. We thought we had a lot of time. We are up against it… but I suppose it will make for good telly.” 


Heston Blumenthal is appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Friday October 10 at 4.30pm