Coronation Street murder trial spoilers: Chris Gascoyne – “It’s not looking good for Peter”

Damning evidence from Steve McDonald looks set to rock the courtroom during scenes to be shown next week


Chris Gascoyne has revealed that the outlook will look bleak for Peter Barlow during his upcoming murder trial.


“Lots of different things come up against him. His dirty laundry is aired in public and there is a lot of laundry,” says the actor. “It’s horrible for him. Also, people who he thought would provide support end up turning against him. Steve McDonald, for instance. That’s a real bad one for him.”

In scenes to be shown on Monday 13 October, Steve (Simon Gregson) will be seen struggling when his nerves lead to a panicked outburst in the witness box. A concerned Steve will then tell Liz and Michelle that he fears he has made things worse for Peter, an opinion that Gascoyne agrees with:

“Steve’s under pressure and he just comes out with the worst possible thing. He basically says, ‘how would you feel if your mate had murdered somebody?’.  It’s not looking good for Peter and people turn on him.”

But then there’s the subsequent evidence given by Carla (Alison King), who – despite describing Peter’s affair with Tina – tells the court that she doesn’t believe that Peter was capable of murdering the Rovers Return barmaid. So there is a glimmer of hope for Peter as he fights for his future?


“I think there’s always hope for him and that’s what he’s clinging on to,” says Gascoyne.