The Maze Runner cast: It’s not what people expect

Films should surprise people, say the cast as James Dashner's novel makes it to the big screen

The cinematic adaptation of James Dashner’s novel The Maze Runner has already made more than $175,000,000 (£110,000,000) at the worldwide box office and, as it opens in the UK this week, it’s set to add a whole lot more to that total.


That gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with director Wes Ball’s cast, which includes Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien, We’re The Millers star Will Poulter and Skins’ Kaya Scodelario.

The story follows a group of young boys (and eventually one girl) who, after having their memories wiped, wind up in the middle of a maze with no idea how to get out. They appoint Runners, who try to figure out if there’s an exit. But they’re up against killer mechanical Grievers and the prospect of being shut out of their ‘Glade’ home in the middle of the maze if they don’t make it back before the walls close each night.

It’s not until Thomas (O’Brien) arrives, who seems to be able to remember more of his previous life, that it seems like they could actually escape.

The Maze Runner is the latest in a line of young adult dystopian fiction novels having successful big screen makeovers. The sequel, The Scorch Trials, is already in the works. But the cast tells me The Maze Runner offers something a little bit different to the likes of Divergent and The Hunger Games because this isn’t about romance – it’s all about the ‘bromance’.

“I wish we were all here, because then you’d see the full effect of it,” says O’Brien when I caught up with him in London. “Me and Will [Poulter] were bromantic from the start… we’re all very bromantic with each other.”

“The entire film is very bromantic. Thank god for Kaya otherwise it might be called The Bromance Runner,” laughs Poulter.

Scodelario, who says the move away from a romantic storyline was what drew her to the film, adds, “I think films should always be about surprising people and shocking people and doing things differently.”

For more from the cast check out the video above.


The Maze Runner is in cinemas from 10 October 2014