How NOT to interview the cast of The Maze Runner

When faced with Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aml Ameen, be sure to ask insightful questions, never repeat yourself and stay out of the camera shot...

The Maze Runner is hitting UK cinemas on October 10th, so of course I wanted to catch up with stars Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aml Ameen.


With director Wes Ball at the helm, they’re bringing James Dashner’s smash-hit novel to the silver screen and, judging by its reception around the world, it looks set to be big news at the box office. 

I’m a huge fan of the book series and was absolutely blown away by the film when I got to see a sneak peek (I wrote about it right here). I’ve made Maze Runner-themed quizzes and been very excited about the book’s sequel also getting a film.

So, when faced with interviews with the main cast, it’s obviously important to ask exciting questions that really get things going, not make unnecessary small talk and keep your (far too expressive) hands out of the camera shot, right?

Urm… take a peek at the video above.


The Maze Runner is released in UK cinemas on Friday 10th October