Jeremy Paxman’s latest bugbear: dog owners who leave bags of mess on the beach

The outspoken former Newsnight presenter rails against the “morons” who discarded their pets’ leavings on a picturesque beach in Cornwall


He made his name grilling politicians with his firm-but-fair questioning. But now Jeremy Paxman has a fresh target in his sights: thoughtless dog owners.


The presenter, who left Newsnight in June after 25 years on the programme, has hit out at the “morons” he claims left bags full of dog mess strewn around a picturesque Cornish beach he recently visited.

Paxman said he found the bags of excrement on the paths leading to the beach – which he doesn’t name – with others left hanging in trees and dumped at a car park near the beauty spot.

“On the beach, dog owners had been asked to clear up after their dogs,” he wrote in Waitrose Weekend magazine.

“A significant number of dog-owning morons had then deposited their plastic bags of dog**** alongside the path, in the car park, or hung them from trees.

“Left to the elements, the mess would have disappeared in a few weeks.

“The plastic will be there for generations. What is going on in what passes for the minds of these people?”

The outspoken Paxman has never been afraid to speak his own mind, writing in Radio Times last year that he understood why comedian Russell Brand was so disillusioned with party politics and admitting that he did not vote at one general election because he found the choices “so unappetising”.

Ironically, perhaps, in the light of his latest outburst, Paxman was once dubbed the BBC’s rottweiler-in-chief. But he promises that his new gig anchoring C4’s 2015 election coverage will be more to his tastes.

“There are new and interesting questions to ask about the way we choose our governments,” he said of his recent appointment. “This should be fun.”


More fun than wading through a beach covered in dog mess anyway.