Brent Spiner: “There will be another Star Trek television series”

Data from The Next Generation believes Star Trek is the American Doctor Who, destined to return to TV


Star Trek is destined to return to television screens, according to one of the stars of The Next Generation. Brent Spiner, who played the pale skinned robot Data, believes that after the current run of movies, another television show is inevitable.


“I think there’s no question that there will be another Star Trek television series,” he said at the Destination Star Trek convention in London. “It’s going to happen. I’m sure of it.”

Star Trek has not had a full television series since Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled in 2005. Instead, the franchise was rebooted with a young cast playing characters from the original series, including Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Simon Pegg as Scotty. The third film is expected in 2016, after which Spiner believes the time will be right for Trek to television.

“I think there was some kind of arrangement made that there would be no more series while these three films were being made. And after that I’m pretty sure that Paramount will do another Star Trek series for television. Why wouldn’t they?”

Spiner also suggested that Star Trek could take after Britain’s own long-running sci-fi series. “It’s our Doctor Who in a way,” he explained. “It was Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary last year, and 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I think just like Doctor Who, Star Trek will go on forever. It’s the great American epic, embraced worldwide.”

Earlier, the former android was asked who would play Data if The Next Generation were rebooted.


“Tilda Swinton,” he quipped.