Sinitta’s new look blasts that leaf bikini outfit out of the water at X Factor Judges’ Houses

Sinitta is back by Simon Cowell's side for X Factor Judges' Houses. Of course, that calls for one heck of an outfit...

When Sinitta packs her bags for a trip to X Factor Judges’ Houses, a lot of thought goes into it. Not a lot of material usually, but a lot of thought. 


The leaf bikini of Judges’ Houses gone by has become as synonymous with the singer as her chart hit So Macho. 

But this year, oh this year, this is what we’re getting as Sinitta heads to LA to help Simon Cowell choose which Overs to take through to the live shows:

Even Cowell’s dogs Squiddly and Diddly look like they’re having a chat about it.

Oh go on, let’s have another look.

I hope she gets one heck of a round of applause. 


Judges’s Houses takes place Friday (9pm), Saturday and Sunday night (8pm) on ITV, with Simon Cowell’s category edition shown on Sunday night.