See Tulisa’s Bond Girl entrance at Louis Walsh’s X Factor Judges’ Houses

Well, what else would you do to arrive in style in Bermuda?


X Factor is coming straight from the beaches of Bermuda tonight as Louis Walsh and his guest (and former judge) Tulisa Contostavlos choose which groups will go through to the live shows. 


He’s got six groups to whittle down to three, including Only the Young and the currently unnamed eight-member boy band.

One might imagine Louis Walsh (in his classic mirrored sunnies) may just announce the arrival of Tulisa and she’d appear holding a cocktail or something. It’s Bermuda after all. But oh, no. Not when there’s the chance of a slow-mo Bond Girl walk out of the water moment to be had.

Here’s how it played out:

Louis’s giving the Groups the ‘I’ve got this year’s winner’ chat as he prepares for the arrival of Tulisa…

He is also wearing shorts. Be still my beating heart.

Tulisa meanwhile has been hiding in the sea. Casual like.

Then the Bond music kicks in and BOOM. The slow-mo walking from the sea begins.

Here she comes…

Owned. It. 


Be still their beating hearts

“When Tulisa came out of the water, we were all focussed very hard… on her personality,” laugh Concept

This is basically the new James Bond guys. Now, where are those Martinis…


The X Factor starts tonight at 9:00pm on ITV