Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

6-10 October: Hannah finds Andy slumped on the side of the road, while Oscar starts skipping school to go to the gym

Monday 6 October


Andy’s drug dealing finally lands him in the hospital. Is Josh in danger as well? Maddy is less than thrilled by her first day working at the gym, and Casey tells Roo that he would rather see her in school too. Marilyn discovers that she has misunderstood John’s intentions regarding the wedding invitations. 

Tuesday 7 October

Following the attack on Andy, Brax and Kyle are assigned to watch over Josh. Hannah finds herself tracked by one of the thugs to whom Andy owes money and goes to the farmhouse to hide along with Casey, Josh, Evelyn and Denny. Josh stays overnight with Evelyn in her room, which shocks Hannah. Kyle finds that Brax has taken money from Angelo’s to cover Andy’s debt, then discovers that Andy has discharged himself from hospital in the middle of the night. 

Wednesday 8 October

Kyle asserts his authority over Brax by deciding to turn Angelo’s into a music venue without consulting his brother. When they reconcile, they are unsure what to do with all the music equipment. Maddy and Oscar agree that they should just be friends, but she continues to send out mixed signals. Matt launches a charm offensive in order to beat Sasha’s team in the school enterprise programme presentations. 

Thursday 9 October

Zac begins to worry about Oscar when he finds out that he is regularly skipping school to go to the gym. Matt uses the equipment from Angelo’s to show a very impressed Phoebe his mixing skills. Sasha triumphs at the school presentation but suffers a blow when she finds out that the poem Matt penned in her name is going to be published. 

Friday 10 October


Marilyn gets to the bottom of John’s caginess about the wedding guests when she realises that he still has not told Jett about the existence of his daughter, Shandi. Casey refuses to trust Maddy with any serious duties at the gym. Sophie plays matchmaker and sets Leah up with Zac when he offers to assist with her school workload.